How to become a medical assistant or a private investigator

911 dispatchers have an important role in a hospital. They are charged to perform various activities concerning administration, but also to assist a physician during examination of patients and help people. 911 dispatchers  have to be compassionate, supportive, well organized, responsible and flexible so that they can manage successfuly all that is required of them. Their job is also to provide patients with the information that they need, help them with their formulars, file patient records and prepare them for their treatment and expain the procedure of that treatment. It involves various other tasks including making phone calls and appointments, keeping examination rooms neat, clean and prepared, etc. Many other skills are also desirable and you can acquire them and other essential knowledge, and gain your certificate if you apply for some of the 911 dispatcher training courses. But, before that make sure that the program is accredited properly.

Businessman with magnifying glassA more dynamic type of career is that of a private investigator. Being comprised of variety of jobs it requires a person with a strong personality, highly developed moral values and with a great number of skills so that that person could meet the demands of such a challenging job. Some of the tasks that private investigation includes are investigation of a crime and documenting evidece of it, resolving cases and arranging appointments with the people involved in the case, finding missing persons and other activities that could be of help while solving the case. This is not a job for those who do not like working in a team or those who are not prepared to face a certain dose of risk. It can be exciting, but it also means working long hours and hands full of work.

When it comes to earnings, a salary of a 911 dispatcher can be very good, or not so good, depending a lot on the area where a private investigator works. A private investigator with a great experience and with specialist skills stands a greater chance for better payment, especiallly if investigator is specialized in more areas. Today, when industry grows fast, the scope for specialization of people in more than one area of the profession has significantly increased. People who are interested in becoming  private investigators and want to pursue that career first must acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills. To get a proper education and a valid certification you have to enroll in some college, academy or online course which is properly accredited.

After finishing your education you can find the agency where you would like to work and apply for a desired position. But, before applying you have to be well informed about the agency where you are applying for your job and to write a good resume. It is highly recommendable that you send a cover letter along with your resume. A 911 dispatcher cover letter should contain an explanation why you has sent the resume. It should persuade the reader to read your resume, and call attention to your professional background that is necessary for the current position, your personality traits and motivation for the job, your skills and confidence.

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