How to cook anything on the grill?

You thought that cooking something on the grill is the easiest thing in the world but you are wrong. Even the most experienced masters sometimes have a problem to remember some of the rules. So, in order to be good at this, you should know at least the basic rules.

When your friends come to the barbecue, you certainly don’t want to waste their time while you thinking about spices, cooking temperatures and other things. So, it would be good to learn those things before you called yourself a grill master.

So, here is the one creative and informative article about this, which has been written by Dave Greenbaum from The LifeHacker. He made the graphic where he presented all the tips for cooking on the grill.

Learn How to Cook Anything on the Grill With This Infographic

Even the most experienced grill master has trouble memorizing cooking times for everything. This chart tells you all you need to know for almost anything grill worthy.

The graphic is comprehensive and includes beef, pork, seafood and veggies. Not only does it tell you the different cooking times, but also the proper temperatures for food safety. If you’ve ever been a victim of undercooked chicken or overcooked dry burgers, pass this chart along to the cook. Read the full artcile here.

Here is another article which includes these creative graphs and this one is about becoming a beef expert in 5 minutes.

10 Graphs To Make You A Beef Expert In 5 Minutes

Because we love to learn new things, we’re big fans of infographics, and we had 5 minutes to spare. You too could be a beef expert! And did we mention the wine pairing graph?!

1. Beef Cuts and Recommended Cooking Method

Get yourself familiar with all the cuts of your favourite meats and learn the recommended methods to cook them with these useful graphics.

For figuring out what to do with the random cut of beef that happened to be on sale Read the full artcile here.

So, you need to choose, are you going to be a master or an amateur. If you want to learn this, try to go through all the tips that we mentioned above, or just visit some good restaurant where you can have already grilled food. The Flat Iron Grill Restaurant would be a great idea for a start! This restaurant will satisfy your needs because it has very delicious meals. For more information click the link above.

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