Dressing Appropriately for Work

In this article, we’ll inform you about some general dressing etiquette at work. Some women think this is unfair to them, because it seems these dressing rules apply only to them, but that isn’t the truth. You have to realize you can’t dress at work whatever you like or feel most comfortable in. The other more important thing is your way of dressing really matters to others. It really plays a role in the modern workplace and it helps you build and show your personality to others. Your appearance will always translate to your performance, which means if you look good, your performance will look even better, and if you look bad, your work will look even worse. Even your boss will in a subconscious level would think less of you, if you’re not properly dressed. This is not any way related to your gender, it is simply the way it is. USA Constitutional law has obliged all companies to get affirmative action compliance consulting in order to provide equal job opportunities for everybody. You must fit in whatever way you know, even with your clothes. If you don’t take this seriously you may deny yourself many promotions and bonuses.


First you must understand what is appropriate to dress at your firm. Everyone has different rules. If you’re company has a dress code, be sure to follow it through. Never wear clothes that are too small or too big for you. If you have a job in real estate, for example at  Seattle mortgage company and you wear clothes that are too big for you, you’ll end up looking ridiculously. And where have you seen women plumbers? We think certainly not at mortgage companies. Small clothes can draw unnecessary attention too. The exact size must apply on everything you wear, that includes clothes and accessories. This applies even to your glasses if you wear one and for your bag too! Don’t wear big bags that aren’t suitable for work! Colors of your clothes are also important. If you want to portray authority, wear darker colors and if you want to seem more open wear brighter, richer colors.


Never leave your house with messy hair! Always have clean, combed and neat haircut. If you go to work with messy hair it will seem like your life is falling apart and you don’t have anything together at all. How can a person that looks like that be trusted? This “messy attitude” will translate to your career as well. You have the right to leave the house with wet (but clean) hair only if you have experienced some king of plumbing disaster. In that case, go to http://www.emergencyrepairplumbers.com/, have them mend your plumbing system and go safely to work.

Your shoes must be perfectly clean and polished. It’s not the eyes that reflect your soul, it’s your shoes! So make sure your boss can reflect himself in your shoes like in a mirror.


What is absolutely not allowed are sexy clothing, wearing strong neon colors (even on your nails), oversized jewelry (especially if it makes noises) and wearing strong perfumes. Your work is not the place for those things. This is only allowed on dates.

What is the dress code at your work place? Share your story and experience in the comments bellow.


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