It is important to react immediately when a rotator cuff tear happens

A rotator cuff presents a group of four muscles located in the upper part of one’s arm. As there are in a shoulder area, they enable movements of the whole arm, and they stabilize this area as well. But, unfortunately, sometimes one can feel some discomfort or even pain in shoulders. This feeling is a consequence of a rotator cuff tear which could be a direct result of aging process, some injury or another set of circumstances. The point is that there is a health situation that should be taken care of. It is of a pure essence to fix rotator cuff tears as soon as you detect the first sign of something bad happening in your musculoskeletal system. Time is crucial in situations like this. It is important to react quickly and not to wait until damage gets bigger than already is, or, even worse, until the health problem becomes irreversible.

Firstly, you should go to your local primary care physician as he will do some tests so he can make a proper diagnosis of your condition. Following your condition, you will be given some pain relief medications to ease your physical suffering. Additionally, you could be advised to do some physical therapy as well. But, if the rotator cuff tear is worse than previously thought, surgery would probably be the next step to take, and you will be suggested to go to a specialized surgeon who will guide you through the entire process. You will, without any doubt, need a help of a skilled doctor who will also give you some recommendations and pieces of advice regarding your particular situation.


When the operation is finished, i.e. during the rehabilitation period, you should follow some guidelines from a shoulder surgeon so the best results can be achieved.

82Right after the surgery, you will have to stay overnight in a hospital so a doctor can check your post-operation condition. Although, it often happens that patients are discharged the same day they had the operation. But you will be held in a hospital until your pain is adequately treated. When your pain eases, and you start feeling better, doctors will consider whether you are in acceptable condition to be let home. It is important to mention that, first few days after the surgery, you will be prescribed many pain relief medicines and anti-inflammatory drugs as well. You can also put some ice on your shoulder as it could ease your pain and reduce inflammation.

Afterward, you will have to start doing some exercises so you can strengthen your shoulder. Firstly you will do the exercise without any actual motion, i.e. your doctor will move your shoulder instead of you. He will also suggest you some practices you can do on your own without movement of your shoulder. In the period after that, the focus will be on exercises that include more active motion of your shoulder. During this time you can move your arm, but nothing more than that.

It is crucial to follow instructions of a doctor, so have patience and behave by recommendations given by a qualified surgeon.

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