Modern SEO is voice driven

Every time, the technology never fails us. Most importantly, it never gets tired to provide us with more workable pieces. This time, it’s the voice search that is trending. That means, you talk to your phone, it listens and act. Nobody could have thought that search a thing was possible. Searching anything on Google is now by word of mouth rather than typing. At first, many people never attempted its use because the feature only came with expensive gadgets. As at now, smartphones have this feature as a basic one. The number of voice searches done a day is on the rise. Taking into consideration that the experience is fun, only more can be expected to be using the feature. That is if not all. How you should be capitalizing on this SEO feature is outlined below.

  • Learn the basics first

After the social media, marketers learnt to get social on the net to appear like humans and get their prospects converted to customers. After the introduction of the voice search, it is expected that marketers will go ahead and find ways to earn revenue from the feature. First, it is more of the mobile technology being super effective for tablets and smartphones. Its functionality is simple to understand. The feature enables your phone to extract your intent in the words you say, browse through Google to bring you the best possible answer. As a marketer, the focus should be whether your site is clear enough for the voice search feature to extract answers. Read this article about digital assistant here.

  • Modern SEOMake your feeds simple

One thing about voice search is that it works perfect for the simple details. Things like directions and location searches are easily made by voice. Your site has these vital feeds that lead traffic to you whether online or offline premises. Users don’t like waiting for these feeds. They want it instantly. By making all your details clear, you don’t stand in the way. Search engines will offer the exact and correct feeds in a matter of seconds. Learn how to get more traffic to your website.

  • More emphasis on schema markup

Other than the titles, there are schemas that guide the search engines further. The search engine has another angle to look at your site and understand it better. If your title doesn’t make a lot of sense or there are other competitors using the same titles, the schema is the place to make a difference. You provide more relevant info to the search engine so that the voice search will be direct to your site when the time comes. Here is a tip how to do ppc successfuly.

  • The FAQ bit

When you ask Google a question in audio, you expect a relevant answer, and quick. This makes the FAQ bit vital. It’s the section where you make it more conversational. A matter of questions and answers! Compose as many questions as possible. And of course, let the questions be the commonly asked ones. For every question asked on voice search, your site will have readable and relevant answers ready.

Get going with voice search, its only getting better.

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