What You Need To Understand Concerning Follicultis

The Reason Why Follicultis Occur

Follicultis occur most times due to infection by a germ or rather a bacterium that is known as staphylococcus aureus. This specific bacterium is usually harmless and is mostly carried in a person’s nose and does not cause and damage or problem to their nostrils. However, there in other cases where by other bacteria are the causes of Follicultis apart from this specific one. When Follicultis occurs, the hair follicles get scarred leading to hair loss but this condition can be prevented

Areas Where Follicultis Commonly Occurs

Areas where Follicultis occur are usually those that have undergone some sort of damage. This may be either through too much heating, shaving, if there is any kind of friction in the area or places where there is lockage of the hair follicle. Instances where a person experiences too much sweating which is known as hyperhidrosis due to the seat glands being overactive can also result to a case of Follicultis. People who also use steroid creams on their faces are highly prone to getting Follicultis. This infection leads to too much acne-cartoon on the area that has been infected. The most common areas where Follicultis happens are on men’s beards. It also occurs on people’s arms, buttocks, armpits and legs.

The Types of Follicultis

Follicultis leads to hair loss. It therefore only occurs in areas where there is hair, on skin that bears hair. There are several types of Follicultis and below are just a few of them.

Sycosis Barbae: this is a medical term that is given to the long term and extremely chronic term of Follicultis which occurs on the beards of men on their faces. This infection mostly affects the upper lip area and is most times extremely difficult to treat. The skin on the upper lip where the beards are becomes very painful and also crusted and gives an itchy and burning sensation whenever one tries to shave the beards. A big number of pustules then develop in the hair follicles found in that area.

Hot Tub Follicultis: this type of Follicultis as the name suggests mostly affect those people who make use of hot tubs. The hot water that is normally in the hot tubs encourages the pseudomonas bacteria to thrive and grow especially if the chlorine that is in the water is not strong enough to kill the said germs. This type of Follicultis however is not very dangerous as it does not lead to extreme hair loss. It is easily prevented by making sure that the hot baths are kept clean with enough chlorine.

Gram Negative Follicultis: this type of Follicultis usually comes about on the skin after treatment of a bout of acne. It also involves a number of bacteria. Lab tests are usually carried out on the infected area to note the specific bacteria that are involved before treatment is prescribed.

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